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[3 Mar 2009 | One Comment | ]

It’s Q here giving you a recap of the events Go Productions LA hosted this past weekend at Kress, Cabana Club and Ritual. What a weekend!
KRESS Thursday
Grand opening night and the masses came in full effect to check out this five-story Hollywood night club. Go Productions LA, Visionshock, and Friction Entertainment rocked the house, bringing the hottest and sexiest people in the scene out to party on the rooftop! In addition, we had the party going on the lower level. It was quite a night from beginning to end. This …

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[2 Mar 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

Last Saturday BoA appeared at Ritual.  It was a spectacular event that reached full capacity, which ended up with my face pinned against the glass as crowds of adoring fans pushed closer to take pictures.  Being a devoted BoA fan myself, I naturally hatched a master plan to “acquire” her in my Borat wedding sack so that I may have the opportunity to recite some sonnets that I had composed for her earlier in the day.  However my ingenious plan was thwarted by my evil arch-enemy, “The Scottiness” who being …

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[1 Mar 2009 | One Comment | ]

Korean Pizza?!?! What in the world is that?? Is that pizza with kimchi on it??
There are  many different versions of “Korean Pizza”. When people think of it, they assume there is kimchi or corn on it, but Mr. Pizza Factory has an amazing twist to their PREMIUM pizza. The crust is filled with an amazing sweet potato mousse, so much better than the Pizza Hut ones with cheese in the crust. They top the crust with cheese and when it is all baked together, you get the crispy crust and …